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Happy Valentine's Day! ...

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Interested in adopting a pet? @BuffaloCARES will be at WNY's Furtastic Adopt-A-Thon today from 10am-5pm! ...

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It's going to be very cold this weekend! Check out these tips from the Red Cross to keep your pipes from freezing! ow.ly/YaltV

If you do run into a problem, call Cellino Plumbing for help! 716-675-1111

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Please share to help Hunter find a forever home! ...

Please SHARE our Adoptable of the Day, HUNTER! Hunter (who you might have seen us call "Jake" before we realized he was "Hunter") blew up our facebook this past fall. He was hit by a car and left for dead when a volunteer found him. Everyone sprung into action raising funds for his surgeries and vetting care. It was touch and go, but Hunter pulled through and now he's your typical hound - fun loving, affectionate, loves other dogs. We're happy the day has come when Hunter can find his forever family! Please share HUNTER or apply to adopt him today at www.BuffaloCARES.org! "Hello! My name is Hunter! I had a tragic route to Buffalo CARES. I was living as an outside junkyard dog where I found a hole in the fence and made my out to a busy intersection where, around Halloween, I was stuck by a car on a 55 mph road. I had several traumatic injuries including a bruised heart, collapsed lung, and fracture back leg. But, a nice volunteer saw me on the side of the road and rushed me to an emergency vet. I spent two weeks in the ICU and came up to Buffalo CARES on a rest and recovery stint. Fast forward to today and I am doing so well! This in-the-house stuff – that is living the life! That outdoor stuff is for the birds! I was housebroken from day one, and am perfecting my house manners. For example I know now that sitting on the couch to watch the neighbors dog is fine; climbing up on the kitchen table to get a better view, not so much! You should have seen my foster mom's face when she found me just sitting there on the table! I didn’t disturb anything; I just needed a higher perch! Hehe. But I digress … I have gotten so good at this house living, I sometimes get to be left out of the crate when my parents aren’t home. I just hang out on the couch waiting for them to come home. My foster mom says I’m a little like Sheldon Cooper – I’ve got my quirks, but I think it makes me that more loveable. I have my spot on couch just like Sheldon. I like to empty the entire toy box before I choose which toy to play with. I like to cuddle my way – curled up in a tight ball, with just my head draped across your lap or flipped over all spread out hoping for some chest rubs. I would love a backyard in which I could run around because I love being outside to lounge and play. And despite being a southern dog, I’ve found this snow thing is pretty cool. (Foster dad is not so thrilled when me and my foster sister feign needing potty breaks only to go outside so we can run around and catch snow flakes. Put on a coat, I say! We’re having fun!) I currently live with 3 foster sisters – two small old ladies and one rottie younger girl. My “big girl” foster sister and I love to play, as I may have mentioned, and then we crash out together on the couch for a nap. I get along well with all sisters, including respecting the two old gals who prefer to lounge than play. Do you have room in your heart for a guy like me? Maybe even a current furbaby that might want a sibling and playmate? I’m a goofy, lovable, devoted, quirky, young boy looking for my forever home" Please support those who support us. Adoptions sponsored in part by Cellino Plumbing

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Happy Wednesday!! ...

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